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                     International Conference ELLC-2024

                               14-15 December 2024

                              Virtual Mode (Online)

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International Conference

on the theme

Sustainable Global Goals in World Literature and Contemporary Studies:

Remodelling Gnoseological Interlinkages

In recent years, the discourse surrounding sustainable global development has increasingly permeated various academic fields, including literature and contemporary studies. This interdisciplinary conference aims to explore the nuanced connections between sustainable global goals and gnoseological (epistemological) frameworks as portrayed in world literature and contemporary studies. By examining how literature and contemporary narratives engage with and contribute to the understanding and promotion of sustainable development goals (SDGs), the conference seeks to highlight their potential to inspire action and shape global consciousness.


Interdisciplinary Exploration: Foster dialogue and collaboration among scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse fields including literature, cultural studies, sociology, environmental studies, and beyond.

Critical Engagement: Encourage critical examination of the ways in which literature and contemporary narratives conceptualize and represent sustainable global goals, offering insights into cultural perceptions and responses.

Impact and Advocacy: Explore the role of literature and contemporary studies in advocating for and advancing sustainable development, focusing on how narratives can influence public perception and policy-making.

Remodeling Gnoseological Interlinkages: Investigate how gnoseological frameworks within literature and contemporary studies can be remodeled to better reflect and address global challenges, fostering innovative approaches to knowledge production and dissemination.


Literary Perspectives on Sustainability: Analysis of literary texts that engage with environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability.

Cultural Narratives and Sustainable Development: Examination of how cultural narratives shape attitudes towards sustainable development goals on a global scale.

Digital Humanities and Global Consciousness: Exploration of digital platforms and methodologies in studying gnoseological interlinkages within contemporary narratives and their impact on global consciousness.

Ethics, Equity, and Social Justice: Discussions on ethical considerations, equity issues, and social justice within the context of sustainable development narratives.


1. Gerontology and Emerging Scenarios 
2. Sustainable Growth from Vedas, Upnishadas and Gita
3. Indian Knowledge System (IKS)
4. Indian Indigenous Stressors and Global Sustainability 
5. Life, Spirituality and Beyond 
6. Yoga and Performance Management 
7. Glocal Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Goals
8. Impact of AI on Mind and Art in Twenty First Century 
9. Love, Life and Barrenness 
10. Global War and Relavance of Peace Studies 
11. Ecofeminism and Modern Woman
12. Justice and Empowerment of Third Gender LGBTQ
13. Dream of Three Trillian Echonomy and Beyound
14. Viksit Bharat @ 2047
15. Appraising NEP-2020 in the light of Global Education Policies 
16. Net Profit or Welfare Profit (शुद्ध लाभ  या शुभ लाभ)

The conference welcomes contributions from scholars, researchers, practitioners, and graduate students engaged in the study of literature, contemporary studies, cultural studies, environmental studies, digital humanities, and related fields. 

Expected Outcomes:

Publication of selected papers in a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.

Development of collaborative research networks to further interdisciplinary studies on sustainable global goals.

Policy recommendations and advocacy strategies based on conference findings.


The International Conference on Sustainable Global Goals in World Literature and Contemporary Studies: Remodeling Gnoseological Interlinkages aims to facilitate a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives, contributing to the global dialogue on sustainable development. By examining the intersections between literature, contemporary studies, and sustainable global goals, the conference seeks to inspire innovative approaches and foster meaningful change towards a more sustainable future.


Important Dates

Abstracts Submission Deadline

 25 October 2024


Registration Deadline 

  30 October 2024


Paper Submission Deadline

  30 November 2024


Send your abstract

Send your paper  Registration matters

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Sharankumar Limbale is an Indian author, poet, and critic. He is the author of over forty books. His utobiography Akkarmashi is his most well-known creation. Translations of Akkarmashi have been done in English and a number of other Indian languages. Oxford University Press has released the English version under the title The Outcaste. Among the most significant works on Dalit literature is his critical book Towards an Aesthetics of Dalit Literature (2004). Limbale’s writing often reflects his own experiences and addresses issues related to caste and identity in India. He is also involved in advocating for the rights of Dalits.

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Prof. Nandini Sahu, Amazon’s best-selling author 2022, Professor of English and Former Director, School of Foreign Languages, IGNOU, New Delhi, India, is an established Indian English poet, creative writer and folklorist. She is the author/editor of twenty books. She is the recipient of the Literary Award/Gold Medal from the hon’ble Vice President of India for her contribution to English Studies. She is the recipient of the prestigious Michael Madhusudan Award, 2024. Her areas of research interest cover New Literatures, Critical Theory, Folklore and Culture Studies, Children’s Literature and  American Literature. Currently she is working on a major project on Indian Knowledge Systems which is inclined to comparative Indian literatures and cultures as well as Hindu Studies.

Keynote Speakers 

International Speaker 


  • 02 Day Conference

  • Audiences from across the world

  • Paper presenters from the whole world

  • World Class Speakers

  • Publication opportunities

  • Selected papers will be published in a peer reviewed  journal / as a book chapter in a book with  ISBN number.

  • The authors will have to pay the APC separately.

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                     International Conference ELLC-2024

                           14-15 December 2024

                       Hosting Partners

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