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Some of our team members ...

The team of The Achievers Foundation for English Studies is working hard for humanity and mankind round o clock. They are highly educated and experienced in their field. 

Sai Phalgun.jpeg
I'm A Sai Fhalgun

I am an ambivert person who likes to study things in depth.

I'm Paul Jacob

I love to work for humanity. I am always ready to accept challenge.
I'm Dr. Saroj K Sarkar

 I like to be associated with young and promising artists, to add valuable and positive differences in their lives. 

arjun (1).jpg
I'm Dr. Arjun K Singh

I am an artist, and academician, published more than 30 research papers in National and international journals, 4 book chapters, and a book.

Dr Digvijay.jpg
I'm Dr. Digvijay Pandya

I specialize in English Language and Literature. Besides publishing four books, I have published 60+ research papers in reputed national and international SCOPUS and UGC CARE listed journals .

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